New Year, New Thoughts

Oh Christmas food, Oh Christmas food, my waistline will not miss you…
The holiday season is such a special time to treasure family and the precious gift of God incarnate but after 3 weeks of heavy food and excessive social activities I am ready to thank God for His many gifts in other ways. Taking time to have new thoughts about old times and the new year is something I especially treasure after all the holiday chaos. Resolutions aren’t something that make the list of New Year’s thoughts however, because they tend to fizzle so quickly. Planning to improve things is different than resolutions because you make time to examine your heart and mind about problems and strengths present, and then specifically work to accomplish spiritual and mental growth in those areas as opposed to just listing things you want to be better at. Resolutions are merely good intentions whereas planning is specific and tangible. Give it a whirl and see how it works for you!

A Bible and journal are my truest friends and greatest allies in life’s journey

Here are a few of my favorite avenues for thinking through the old year:

  1. Remembering God’s faithfulness in the hard times
  2. Seeing God’s goodness in the easy times
  3. Evaluating weaknesses of the past year, spiritually, physically, and in relationships with others
  4. Evaluating strengths of the past year in those same areas
  5. Thinking through how life has changed and processing a year of events
True wisdom is something God has put on my heart to pursue this upcoming year

And favorite ways for looking into the new year:

  1. Planning how to improve spiritual growth and fellowship with the body of Christ and in our home – like going through a Spiritual Health Check
  2. Looking for more ways to be grateful for the abundance of blessings
  3. Planning ways to be better steward of resources (like health and time)
  4. Anticipating challenges the new year will present and preparing accordingly ( board exam anyone?)
  5. Setting the precedent for a year that focuses on glorifying God and triumphing by grace over things in my control instead of the burned-out and frustrated attitude I usually have going in to Christmas break.

A journal, piece of scratch paper, or word doc is an easy way to track your thoughts too. Choosing to take some of the topics for Family discussion is an easy way to encourage your loved ones to evaluate their own lives too. I hope you and your family have many things to celebrate from this last year and have many more blessings in the upcoming one.

2019 is coming in with a bang!

Everyone always has different ways they like to celebrate another year on this crazy planet and to anticipate a new year. What are your’s? 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Thoughts”

  1. I never really do much to celebrate the New Year. This year, I stayed in and watched a movie with my parents, haha! My biggest challenge of this year will be landing a job now that I’ve finished my Master’s degree. I hope I can find something I’m genuinely interested in with opportunities to advance… I didn’t spend five years in school to be stuck in a job I don’t love!

    Rachel ||

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